About Debbie

I knew from an early age I was sensitive, and for much of my life I wished it were otherwise. I took my intuition for granted, and used it to chart a life path that was nonlinear and marked by fresh starts.

After a year studying in Aix-en-Provence and some memorable years on Cape Cod, I studied Mandarin Chinese at university. From there I moved to China, where I spent ten years, studying, working as a teacher, and eventually running an aid program for the Australian government.

On my return to the US I commenced ten years of taking care of my aging parents. Despite the challenges, being with them in their last years was one of the great, heart-opening joys of my life. During that time I also went to law school, and subsequently practiced environmental law for five years.

Throughout, I was a dedicated spiritual seeker, studying and practicing yoga, shamanic journeying, Buddhism and A Course In Miracles.

After my parents passed, I began training intensively as an intuitive, and moved to the Olympic Peninsula to begin a new life. I have been fortunate to have trained with amazing teachers, especially Laura Alden Kamm, whose talent, huge heart and support have helped me immeasurably.  Linda Howe trained me thoroughly to read the Akashic Records and to teach people to access their own.  Currently, as a reader of the Akashic Records, and as an intuitive life coach, psychic medium and tarot reader, I offer support to others as they travel their journey. My intention is to provide a safe and caring space for clients and allow the wisdom and clarity of their highest selves to shine through.