Debbie was clear, concise and caring in her reading of my record.  Some of the language which came through my record were the exact phrases I have used in my life.  She made me smile at times because the answers were so “me”!   Jane Mac Donald.

Debbie gave me new perspectives from which to view my life and I found that there was a good bit of reinforcement and support of things I had already been thinking about on my own. The reading was very uplifting and encouraging to me in a time when I have been feeling like nothing is happening in my life and that it’s all just pointless. I’m very grateful.  Lisa B.

The reading with Debbie was a-mazing!!  The way it was delivered was very loving and compassionate.  All the information was relevant, right on and very insightful. During the reading I felt a definite shift in energy where I had more space to let go of something old that was not working and make room for new!  How great is that?  Christine Van Coughnett.

Your reading was excellent…..it gave me some clarity on my relationships.  It was from a different viewpoint that I know is truth.  I thank you also for going in the reading, not knowing or having any so called “front loading’ from me.  This is a form of testing to see how good the work is going to be.  You came back with flying colors.  Phillip Lau.